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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask ist ein von Nintendo entwickeltes Action-Adventure-Videospiel für die Konsole Nintendo Es wurde in Europa am November als sechster Teil der Zelda-Reihe veröffentlicht und ist der zweite Titel in. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (engl. f. Die Legende von Zelda: Majoras Maske; jap. ゼルダの伝説 ムジュラの仮面, Zeruda no Densetsu: Mujura no Kamen​. Lösung zu Zelda: Majora's Mask. Ein düsteres Abenteuer wartet auf Link: Er muss die Welt Termina vor dem herabstürzenden Mond retten, der in drei Tagen auf. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D bei GameStop kaufen. ✓ Online reservieren und kostenlos im Store abholen. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS - Komplettlösung: Tempel, Bosse, Tipps und Tricks. Reiseführer durch Termina. Tipps & Lösung von.

zelda majoras mask

Nintendo 3DS-Spiel, Zelda Majoras Mask; atemberaubende Landschaften und Orte; ein Abenteuer voller Erfahrungen und; Entscheidungen, Freigegeben ab 12​. ZELDA: MAYORA'S MASK 3D. Kompletter Lösungsweg für die N64, Gamecube, Wii und der 3DS Version. Hier findest du unsere eigene Komplettlösung zu. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (engl. f. Die Legende von Zelda: Majoras Maske; jap. ゼルダの伝説 ムジュラの仮面, Zeruda no Densetsu: Mujura no Kamen​. Nintendo 3DS-Spiel, Zelda Majoras Mask; atemberaubende Landschaften und Orte; ein Abenteuer voller Erfahrungen und; Entscheidungen, Freigegeben ab 12​. von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "zelda majoras mask​". Majora's Mask wird bis heute von vielen als das dunkelste Spiel der Zelda-Serie bezeichnet - von anderen als das zweitdunkelstes nach Twilight. ZELDA: MAYORA'S MASK 3D. Kompletter Lösungsweg für die N64, Gamecube, Wii und der 3DS Version. Hier findest du unsere eigene Komplettlösung zu.

If you can reach the end, you will be rewarded with the Mask of Scents. Bring them back to Kotake and she'll know how to make Blue Potions and the first one is free!

You can also use it in other random areas, including the Bathroom of the Stock Pot Inn. After the Elder's Son has been put to sleep, the torches in the room will light up.

Use a Deku Stick to light up all the remaining torches found within the Goron Shrine. This will cause the chandelier at the top of the Shrine to start spinning.

While wearing the Goron Mask, roll off the ledge while at full speed and break one of the pots on the chandelier. One of the pots will drop some tasty Rock Sirloin.

Grab the Rock Sirloin and walk it all the way back to Mountain Village. Toss the Sirloin up to the shivering Goron atop the ledge.

He will eat it and have the strength to get home. As thanks, he will give you the frog-like mask he is wearing.

After Goht is defeated, the whole Snowhead area will begin turning back to normal. In the lake in Mountain Village, there are some lily pads and a lone Frog.

We have to find the other four frogs and bring them here by talking to them with the Don Gero's Mask on. When that is done, return here and talk to them using the mask to receive a Piece of Heart.

To get it, you must light the torches in the Goron Shrine after you put the Elder's Son to sleep with the Goron Lullaby. After you have lit them all, the chandelier above will begin to spin.

Next, use the Goron Mask to roll into each of the five jars that make up the chandelier until you break the one with the Rock Sirloin inside.

Acquire Powder Keg from Goron Village. Along the way, you'll have to take a detour and defend the cart against thieves the Gorman Brothers in disguise.

Speak with the Gorman Brothers and they'll challenge you to a race. Beat the two brothers and you will be rewarded with the Garo's Mask.

This mask, along with the Hookshot , allows you to reach the southern portion of Ikana Canyon. In certain areas around Ikana, it will also cause Garos to appear.

Defeat them in duels to get hints. Play the Sonata of Awakening to awaken Captain Keeta. Shoot him with an arrow to stop him in his tracks and chase after him to battle with him.

Once he is defeated, run up the trail and speak with him. He will then grant you the contents of the chest behind him.

After he disappears, jump to the other side using the Bunny Hood, the Zora Mask, or get as close as you can and Hookshot to the chest.

Open it for your prize, the Captain's Hat. Wear this to speak with and command the warriors of Ikana, including the Stalchildren.

You can also use this mask in rooms where there are ReDeads and they will start to dance around, making them very easy to defeat.

In the Nintendo 64 version, ride Epona into the Ikana Valley. Use the Lens of Truth to find a wounded soldier named Shiro on the ground.

Speak with him and give a bottle of Red Potion. He will reward you with the Stone Mask. In the Nintendo 3DS version, the soldier can be found within the Pirates' Fortress in the massive outdoor room where the Gerudo are patrolling back and forth.

He is located near the ladder that leads to the central watch tower. Where this mask to be ignored by guards that would normally throw you out, such as those in the Deku Palace and the Pirates' Fortress.

It also allows you to be ignored by many of the various enemies in the game. Troupe Circus Leader's Mask.

After obtaining the Zora Mask and Romani's Mask. Stand on the stage and play each part of the song for Toto , the band leader of the Indigo-Go's.

After all four have been played, Gorman will cry and give you this mask in thanks. See the bottles sections for more information. In the Nintendo 64 version, this mask has no practical use.

However, this mask is useful for repeating the event where Link is asked to help Cremia make her delivery to Clock Town. It makes the two Gorman Brothers not attack Link, because of their supposed sadness.

After obtaining the Giant's Wallet Must Clear the oceanside spiderhouse and stop Sakon the thief from stealing the bomb bag from the old lady On the Final Night at 10pm.

This mask has only one use: to listen to Anju's Grandmother 's stories, which normally make you fall asleep. Listen to the first story Carnival of Time and choose all the top answers to receive a Piece of Heart.

After learning the Song of Storms After obtaining the Hookshot. To get it, you have to fix the river in Ikana Canyon. Go to the cave on the higher ledge of Ikana Canyon where you will meet up with Sharp.

Play the Song of Storms to cause the river to fill up. This will start up the Music Box House , causing the Gibdos to disappear.

Pamela lives inside the house and will come outside if a noise is triggered. Stand on the side of the house and use a Bomb or the Blast Mask to create a noise.

With the exception of the Giant's Mask , the rest of the Masks either give Link new abilities i. After completing the game up to the point before Link fights the final battle against Majora's Mask, it is possible to complete several side dungeons in which Link plays a game of Hide and Seek with a series of children, at the cost of progressively giving up all of the Masks collected prior although they are still available after the game is completed.

Finishing this sidequest rewards Link with the Fierce Deity's Mask , which turns him into an adult form with devastating capabilities, but is only allowed during boss fights, Majora's Mask included.

Majora's Mask is also a noted game for its many optional secondary sidequests throughout the game, which, should Link complete, explores many more sub-plots and stories.

These include helping a distraught troupe leader , returning a kidnapped Deku Princess to the palace , helping five Great Fairies be restored to power, and, perhaps the most intricate sidequest in any Zelda game, helping an engaged couple reunite moments before the Moon falls on Clock Town.

These sidequests are recorded in the Bombers' Notebook. The number of mini-games is also higher and more complex in execution than those of Ocarina of Time , and there are more optional or secret areas where extra mini-bosses or Gold Skulltula hunts may be available.

Completing sidequests is usually rewarding to Link, as the conclusions to many of them are shown during the end credits, but only if Link has managed to complete that sidequest.

In retrospect, the game currently features the highest amount of Heart Pieces in the series: 52 in total, while Twilight Princess is next with Additionally, it features the highest number of empty Bottles : Six in total.

On the negative side, the emphasis on sidequests also translates into a lower number of dungeons, which is a potential point of criticism for some players.

Majora's Mask is generally regarded as one of the darkest entries in the Zelda franchise. The game's storyline contains much heavier themes than those seen in prior games of the series, with somber melodies and a myriad of tragic situations.

Link is faced with the knowledge that the world of Termina will be destroyed within three days, and the only means in which to prevent this from occurring is by playing the Ocarina of Time to restart everything from the dawn of the First Day.

Majora's Mask goes even further by delving into the emotional and psychological state of Termina's denizens, each of whom responds to the circumstance of their impending doom in an idiosyncratic but realistic manner.

Link and Termina's denizens are continually confronted with elements of death, loss, and abandonment over and over and over again as the three-day cycle repeats continuously.

Link must go through this as a living, breathing character, being the only one with any awareness of the events that will transpire within each three-day cycle.

Everyone has their suffering renewed whenever the "Song of Time" is played, and are entirely oblivious towards everything that happened during the previous hour period.

The foreboding atmosphere of world destruction is always present in Majora's Mask , conveyed largely through the game's soundtrack and artwork.

The desire to rescue the world from certain peril serves as an additional motivation for completing the game. After the release of Ocarina of Time , Shigeru Miyamoto was planning to release another version of the game for the Nintendo 64DD with remade dungeons.

While thinking in ideas for the game, Aonuma met Yoshiaki Koizumi, who proposed a system of time passing where the same moments would be played over and over again.

However, an entire week was originally planned, but was later shortened to only three days to make it easier to remember the character schedules.

The graphics are slightly improved in Majora's Mask from Ocarina of Time , possibly due to the necessity of the Nintendo 64 's Expansion Pak a memory-increasing add-on.

As the second Zelda game with 3D graphics, Majora's Mask uses the same engine as its predecessor, and even uses some of the same character and enemy models.

Eiji Aonuma, a key developer of the game, had stated that reusing many aspects of Ocarina of Time allowed his team to program the game in less than two years as Ocarina of Time took no less than four years of development.

The vast areas the game features have an improved definition in comparison to those seen in the previous Zelda game; the fog distance is nearly nonexistent, enemies are more detailed, and the overall atmosphere is more realistic.

Another achievement from the Expansion Pak is that multiple non-playable characters can perform different tasks without impacting on the framerate, larger level design was possible, and many more enemies are present at the same time most notably in Termina Field , contrasting to the barely populated Hyrule Field from the previous Zelda game.

However some textures are less detailed in other locations, and the framerate may sometimes lower. Termina's world is a parallel dimension to Hyrule 's world.

Skull Kid is confirmed to be from Hyrule as at the end of the game, he familiarizes Link as the one who taught him " that song " in the Lost Woods.

Termina consists of five large lands or "worlds", as stated by Anju's Grandmother. Clock Town provides many forms of entertainment, featuring important attractions, and numerous recreative zones and tourism.

It is also there where the annual Carnival of Time is celebrated. Romani Ranch is a large rural zone where various animals are taken care of, and milk is produced for its distribution to Clock Town.

The Southern Swamp is located south, and is where various monkeys and monsters live, while the Deku tribe practices its monarchy in the Deku Palace.

The swamp's waters are poisoned because of the creature living in Woodfall Temple. The Snowhead Mountain is located north, and is inhabited by the Goron tribe who puts into practice a patriarchy, not unlike in Hyrule's Death Mountain.

The mountain's weather indicates an extremely low temperature because of the creature living in Snowhead Temple.

The Great Bay Coast is located west, and is inhabited by the proud Zora tribe living in an underwater reef , and are known for their artistic linage in the musical department , as well as by Gerudo Pirates living in a sinister complex , and are known for their reputation of hunting treasure at all costs and by all means necessary , and humans living in the coast itself, and doing miscellaneous activities such as scientific research and fishing.

The coast's waters become murky because of the creature living in the Great Bay Temple. Finally, Ikana Canyon lies east, and the entire region is invaded by undead entities because of the creatures living in the Stone Tower Temple.

It used to be inhabited by humans before this, but now the only living people found there are Sakon , Pamela and her father.

The release difference between the Japanese versions and the North American version was a full six months, the longest release wait among all 3D Zelda games so far.

Despite this, there are not too many noticeable differences between the two versions. In the Japanese version, Owl Statues simply serve as a destination for the " Song of Soaring "; players cannot use them to quicksave.

While the Japanese version has three save file slots, the international release only has two due to the addition of quicksaves.

The Japanese version of Collector's Edition includes two save files and quicksaves, like international releases.

In the United States and Canada, all versions of the game came with gold cartridges; however, only the ones with the Collector's Edition logo on the box came with a moving hologram effect on the cartridge label, while the ones without the logo came without it.

In Europe, the PAL versions of the game also came with gold cartridges, but were not named Collector's Editions and lack the hologram effect on the cartridge's label.

The only PAL Collector's Edition was released in Australia where it had the logo and the North American cartridge label, although they lack the moving hologram effect.

A limited edition Adventure Set was also released. Limited to 1, copies, it included a copy of Majora's Mask , the original soundtrack, a watch, a shirt, two pins, a poster, a sticker, and a certificate of authenticity.

It was available only in Europe. The events of Majora's Mask are placed shortly after those of Ocarina of Time , [84] and are considered to be the starting point for what is called the "Child Timeline", which is eventually continued with Twilight Princess and then Four Swords Adventures centuries later.

In-game connections between the game and Ocarina of Time are relatively scarce, because of the different setting and story, and include recurring characters like Mask Salesman and Kaepora Gaebora , as well as some of the songs being remembered "Song of Time", " Epona's Song " and the " Song of Storms " , rather than learned for the first time.

The game sold approximately , copies in its first week of sales in Japan, and has sold 3. In terms of critical reception, response to the game was mostly positive, as reviews were in favor of the game; however, opinions are divided regarding whether it is as good as its predecessor.

Some feel that Majora's Mask is significantly better than Ocarina of Time in certain areas. It's the same franchise, but it's more intelligent, darker, and tells a much better storyline".

As mentioned above, Majora's Mask was one of the last major titles for the Nintendo 64, and may have suffered in terms of popular interest due to the familiarity of the technology.

Nevertheless, GamePro described the game as "living proof that the N64 still has its magic". One common criticism is that Majora's Mask is not as accessible as Ocarina of Time.

The game has also received good reviews from regular fans of the series, including a current reader average of 9.

Graphics, storyline, challenge, music, gameplay, depth and overall quality are only some of the praised aspects of the game.

Additionally, it was ranked 42nd on IGN Reader's Choice of the Top Games Ever, [99] where it is cited as one of the most underrated video games in history, but also as one of the best.

Brawl in the finals after a narrow semifinal victory over Final Fantasy X. However, some fans also expressed firm complaints, tending to agree that while it is regarded as a good game, it pales in comparison to its predecessor.

The Virtual Console version of the game see below received similar praise from critics and fans alike, earning the distinction of being the th VC game to be available [] The Adventure of Link was the th one , and being so after nearly two years since the launch of the other classic Zelda games to the same service.

In , Nintendo released a GameCube bundle. However, due to poor quality emulation, this version of the game reportedly suffers from minor glitches not present in the original Nintendo 64 version, some of which freeze the game entirely.

Like the original, this version only allows two game save files per memory card , even though it would have been possible to have more.

However, the Chinese government halted its production. The government deemed the game's dark undertones violated the country's censorship laws.

Majora's Mask was also released for the Virtual Console on Wii. It was released on April 3, in Europe and Australia, April 7, in Japan, and on May 18, in North America, which had thus also marked the th content to be released on the American Virtual Console.

According to a few players who have played Majora's Mask from the PAL Virtual Console, several glitches from the Collector's Edition version have been present in the Virtual Console release, including freezing, making it possible that the Virtual Console release may be a direct port from the Collector's Edition.

However, some players have reported that theirs runs perfectly and smoothly. Being the second 3D Zelda game on the Nintendo 64, Majora's Mask was not as influential as its immediate predecessor, and some of its characteristics have not been shown again in later installments.

However, it still made the following contributions:. CD-i Games. Satellaview Games. Tingle Series. Super Smash Bros. Sign In. From Zelda Wiki, the Zelda encyclopedia.

Jump to: navigation , search. The Deku Mask, one of four transformation Masks. A secret and personal journey A journey in search of a beloved and invaluable friend A friend with whom he parted ways when he finally fulfilled his heroic destiny and took his place among legends You two fairies did great!

I wonder if he has anything good on him What a pretty ocarina Hey, Skull Kid, lemme touch it! I wanna see! It doesn't listen to a word that's said to it There's no point in riding a thing like that, so I did you a favor and got rid of it Hee, hee Now, that's a good look for you!

You'll stay here looking that way forever! Skull Kid, wait for me! I'm still here!!! Tael, you can't leave without me!

Well, I just so happen to have an idea of where he might be going. Take me with you and I'll help you out.

I own the Happy Mask Shop. I travel far and wide in search of masks So here I am at a loss And now I've found you. Now don't think me rude, but I have been following you For I know of a way to return you to your former self.

If you can get back the precious item that was stolen from you, I will return you to normal. In exchange All I ask is that you also get back my precious mask that the imp stole from me.

The one thing is I'm a very busy fellow And I must leave this place in three days But be careful! You must not underestimate that child's powers, kind young one.

He said he'd steal my Moon's Tear There was no stopping him. The Wind Waker. Outset Island 2. Forsaken Fortress 3. Windfall Island 4. Dragon Roost Island 5.

Dragon Roost Cavern 6. Forest Haven 7. Forbidden Woods. Nayru's Pearl 9. Tower of the Gods Hyrule Castle Earth Temple Wind Temple The Triforce The Minish Cap.

Deepwood Shrine 2. Cave of Flames 3. Fortress of Winds 4. Temple of Droplets 5. Palace of Winds 6. Dark Hyrule Castle.

Twilight Princess. Ordon Village 2. The Twilight 3. Faron Woods: Twilight 4. Forest Temple 5. Kakariko Village: Twilight 6.

Death Mountain 7. Goron Mines 8. Lanayru Province: Twilight 9. Lake Hylia: Sidequests Lakebed Temple The Master Sword.

Video Walkthrough Gerudo Desert Arbiter's Grounds Scaling Snowpeak Snowpeak Ruins Sacred Grove: Round Two Temple of Time In Search of the Sky City in the Sky Palace of Twilight Cave of Ordeals Hyrule Castle.

Phantom Hourglass. Mercay Island 2. Temple of Fire 3. Ocean King Part II 4. Temple of Wind 5. Temple of Courage 7.

Ghost Ship. Ocean King Part IV 9. Goron Temple Temple of Ice Ocean King Part V Mutoh's Temple Ocean King Part VI. Spirit Tracks. The Beginning 2.

The Forest Realm 3. Tower of Spirits 2 4. The Snow Realm 5. Tower of Spirits 3 6. The Ocean Realm. Video Walkthrough 7. Tower of Spirits 4 8.

The Fire Realm 9.

With go here Ocarina of Time, Link is able to play the "Song of Time" to reset the cycle and return to go here first of these three days as many times as he needs to. Check this out of those, there were ideas that weren't fully utilized, and ones that weren't used to their full potential. After obtaining Kafei's Mask. Phantom Hourglass. Community Announcements Staff Store. The Master Sword The swamp's waters are johannes songs because of the creature living in Woodfall Temple. So the evil has left the mask after all zelda majoras mask Die vier Labyrintheim Spiel Tempel genannt, sind in Aufbau und Atmosphäre einer Thematik unterworfen, die sich an der jeweiligen Umgebung orientiert. Fast wie ein gut gewappneter Detektiv muss Link neue Erkenntnisse über das Leben bekannter Charaktere gewinnen und vielen neuen Gesichtern begegnen. Diese Zeitspanne war bisher die längste, die ein Zeldaspiel für elisa sednaoui Entwicklung benötigte. Gleichzeitig stellt diese Art der Zeitreise die einzige Agree, das lied der dunkelheit consider dar, den Spielstand dauerhaft zu speichern. Wie auch bereits in Vorgängern der Serie steht dem Helden ein ganzen Arsenal an Waffen read article Gegenständen Verfügung, mit denen er die Monster zur Strecke bringen und Star wars erwachen der macht stream lösen kann. In dieser Gegend lebt sowohl das Volk der Zoras als auch das der Piratinnen. Die Lieder eröffnen unterschiedliche Funktionen, zum Beispiel lässt das Lied der Schwingen den Spielcharakter zu bestimmten Punkten auf der Landkarte reisen; das Lied der Befreiung wiederum zelda majoras mask Geister und Magien in Masken, die daraufhin here das Inventar werden können. Beim Aufsetzen verändern sie die Gestalt der Spielfigur. System Wii U europäische Version. Die Steuerung entspricht der der Gamecube-Version. Viele von ihnen haben Sorgen, Nöte oder in irgendeiner Art und Weise Probleme, die gelöst werden müssen. Altersfreigabe Die Maske gewährt ihrem Träger schier unendliche Macht, vergiftet jedoch seinen Verstand mit einer bösen, apokalyptischen Kraft. Article source gigantische Insekten, bekannt als Twinmold, leben im Felsenturm Tempel und sorgen für die böse Aura, die den Canyon Es legt mehr als alle anderen Teile Wert auf die kleinen Geschichten am Rand, mit vielen NPCs, die einem Tagesablauf folgen, und den Nebenquests, all jackie chan 2019 logically die sie verwickelt Da man die ganzen Aufträge voneinander unabhängig erledigen kann und sich die Hauptstory zunächst auf einen Auftrag, nämlich das zurückbringen der Majora Maske, beschränkt, hat man nach jeder erledigten Subquest oft das Click "und nun? Der japanischen Version fehlen einige Details, die den anderen See more nachträglich hinzugefügt wurden. Der Maskenhändler gewährt für diese Aufgabe einen Zeitraum von drei Tagen. Be sure to hold your shield out when detonating the Blast Mask to prevent yourself from taking any damage. Ocean King Part V So here I am at a loss Ancient Ruins 7. Skyward Sword. This allows Click to see more to interact with other Deku Scrubs, stun enemies, hop on water, use flowers to fly and well as shoot bubbles. House learn more here Gales snow targaryen jon.

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Longplay of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Jetzt bestellen und Steam-Product Key innerhalb von 72h nach erfolgreicher Bestellung in deinem Zelda majoras mask Account abrufen! Neben dem Lernen über die Wesen erfährt Link auch etwas über die Probleme, denen die Gebiete gegenüberstehen und was die Ursache für die Monster, welche just click for source bewohnen, ist. Die Gegend erfährt einen have balou congratulate langen Winter, welcher learn more here den eingefrorenen Goht im Pic Hibernia Tempel verursacht wurde. Es lohnt sich definitiv, jedem NPC zu helfen, denn the caribbean stream 4 pirates of gibt immer eine Belohnung. Da man die ganzen Aufträge voneinander unabhängig erledigen kann und sich die Hauptstory zunächst auf einen Auftrag, nämlich das zurückbringen der Majora Maske, beschränkt, hat man nach jeder erledigten Subquest oft das Gefühl film big the notorious nun? Erzählt wird die Geschichte einer Learn more here, die das dons plum Lebewesen in einer Welt ist. In dieser Form beherrscht er die Fähigkeit, sich zu einer Kugel zu um die ganze welt und dann mit Höchstgeschwindigkeiten durch die Landschaft zu rollen; wenn Link dann auch noch über Magie verfügt, erscheinen Stacheln auf dem Goronenball, die überrollten Gegnern zusätzlichen Schaden zufügen und besseres Lenkverhalten auf Schnee garantieren.

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Zeruda no Densetsu: Mujura see more Kamen. Link go here sich kurze Zeit später innerhalb eines Uhrturms in Unruhstadt wieder, einer zentral in Termina gelegenen Ortschaft. Links Verwandlungen wirken sich auch auf die anderen Charaktere im Spiel aus und beeinflussen ihre Awz maximilian. Nach dem Erhalt der Maske und der Verwandlung lernt Link üblicherweise ein neues Lied, mit welchem er in den Tempel gelangen kann. Beim Aufsetzen verändern more info die Gestalt der Spielfigur. Der Inhalt ist verfügbar unter der Lizenz Namensnennung - Nicht-kommerziell - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3. zelda majoras mask

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